The Round Up – NFL Appeals, Trump Rallies the Base, Teacher Groomers and MSM Bias

The Round Up

The Round Up talks about the DeShaun Watson decision and the NFL appeals, the Trump base is still going strong, and more teacher groomers and MSM continue biased narrative!

Sports Round Up

In the Deshaun Watson appeal, will Peter Harvey give the NFL anything other than what the NFL wants? – ProFootballTalk (

  • NFLPA loses in one respect: it agreed to the process and initial ruling. Complying with the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Mainstream media, fans, players, and #metoo women have all attacked Watson.
    • Harvey and the NFL can suspend Watson for the season with confidence if the NFLPA sues; it’s unlikely to succeed.

Bill O’Brien addresses potential NFL coaching future | Yardbarker

  • He’s always been an excellent coach. He led some mediocre teams to the playoffs. Despite significant playoff losses, he played the cards he was dealt.
    • The problem? They were dealt with by O’Brien, the general manager.
    • Although he is an above-average head coach, his GM decisions were disastrous.
    • A coach rarely succeeds at both, but his return as a coach only is inevitable.

Kansas City Chiefs Release Former Georgia Football Bulldog DeAndre Baker – Sports Illustrated

  • The first-round pick has talent but has failed to translate that talent into success.
  • If he is to make it in the NFL, he needs a coaching staff that can teach the game’s mental aspects.
    • The reboot he needs.

Sports Grumblings Spotlight – Points on the Board Podcasts

Points on the Board – Fantasy Football, Juan Carlos Blanco (

  • Juan Carlos Blanco joins William Del Pilar, returning to his fantasy football roots, to discuss the FSGA Champions League draft, sleepers, busts, and strategies!
  • Sports Grumblings was founded by fantasy sports pioneers who helped commercialize the industry.
  • Now, as one of the few conservative sports companies fighting against “woke” media, we hope you will support and follow us.
  • Please support and listen to our shows:

Politics, Pop Culture and Entertainment

Was Gov. Doug Ducey lying about Kari Lake then or lying now? (

  • EJ Montini creates a narrative when both parties do this. Reporting facts against one party for ideological reasons is biased.
    • He should be unbiased and point out flaws in both parties. As a result, mainstream media are seen as low lives.

Dick Cheney calls Donald Trump a ‘coward’ in new ad supporting daughter’s reelection bid – CNNPolitics

  • Once this elitist embarks on his next journey, we who served believe the world will be a better place.
    • Because fewer soldiers will die for a Cheney dollar.
  • The same holds true for Liz Cheney.
    • She doesn’t care if it’s a dead soldier as long as it earns her a buck!
  • Leaders must have our backs. Cheneys will never have our backs and represent everything wrong with big government.

Primary results reinforce Trump’s power over GOP | The Hill

  • President Trump is perceived as fading, but he’s actually politicking old-school.
    • It’s him out there speaking directly to the people, doing what Democrats do – reaching out.
    • The Republican Party no longer uses this fundamental campaign tactic as their consultants tell them it isn’t practical.

Former Granite Hills High School Teacher Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Misconduct – Times of San Diego

  • In the COVID pandemic with remote teaching, we saw how teachers indoctrinate.
    • They tried legally removing parents from watching because they knew they weren’t teaching.
    • This groomer, pedophile, and teacher represent that sector of education.
  • Both the teacher’s unions and teachers are terrible.
    • Never forget the teacher votes on its union leaders and policies.
  • How is something a pandemic with a 99 percent recovery rate?
    • The answer is that it’s not.
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