The Round Up – Murder in NYC, and Fantasy Football Shockers!

The Round Up

In this Round Up, we cover a murder on the way to a 9/11 memorial in New York City, what to do after Week 1 fantasy football shockers, asking Hunter Biden questions, now warrants hate attacks by leftists and more.


2022 NFL season, Week 1: Notable injuries, news from Sunday’s games (

Some great games and some serious injuries.

The NFL is a league of attrition, and the healthiest teams win Super Bowls.

It’s about depth and waiver wire early on for fantasy football owners. As tempting as it may be, don’t waste your free agent dollars on a one-week wonder.

Look for high-profile players that naïve owners may drop.

Firefighters battle 11 major California wildfires, including Mosquito and Fairview (

Progressive, activist judges who won’t allow firefighters to remove brush and undergrowth causes fires.

We get this when that doesn’t happen. We should impeach and remove Judges like this.

The socialist-Democrat-led party in California has 100% support for these judges.

Climate change does not cause all these fires but corrupt politicians and judges do!

Former MLB pitcher-turned-Port Authority cop Anthony Varvaro killed on the way to 9/11 service (

NYC’s socialist, race-hustling progressives don’t care how many innocent New Yorkers die as long as they implement their policies.

What’s worse? The people are getting the government they voted for and now realize that maybe some law and order isn’t so bad.


The Big Questions with Big John – Antonio T. Smith, CEO, and Philanthropist

Big John, our preeminent Libertarian, speaks with Antonio T. Smith Jr., an internationally recognized trainer, speaker, and best-selling author in the self-help and religious categories. By 2025, Mr. Smith plans to give away $1.5 billion.

Leftists Shred CNN Reporter For ‘Legitimate Questions’ About Hunter Biden (The Daily Caller)

The tolerant, authoritarian left rejects truth, which is a big reason Latinos flee authoritarian countries. One aspect is that they maintain their power by manipulating and controlling the media.

It’s happening here, too! The proof is this story. Those on the left now consider asking questions that go against their ideology power heresy.

As history shows, eventually, these actions lead to the next step. Rounding up their opposition and imprisoning them.

5 Reasons Scott Frost has Failed at Nebraska (Mike Farrell Sports)

Sixth, he needed more head coaching experience before taking on a job of such high profile or one with such high expectations.

There should have been a long and successful marriage. As the university happily gave Frost the reins, he did not realize the immense pressure that would come with rebuilding the program and making it a national powerhouse. Nebraska may never again experience those days.

The Japanese Man Who Gets Paid to Do Nothing (

Answering the ad: “Will you be my friend?”

Many will laugh or say, “What the hell?” Don’t look at it that way; view it as entrepreneurial and taking advantage of an opportunity others don’t even think of. Why not here in America?

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