The Round Up – Griner Thrives, Whelan Strives to Survive, more

This Round Up, we chat up Brittney Griner vs Paul Whelan, Arnold Schwarzenegger does TV, God of War coming to Amazon, Anita Pointer, RIP, and World Cup fallout.

  • Published on 1 year ago
The Round Up

This Round Up, we chat up Brittney Griner vs Paul Whelan, Arnold Schwarzenegger does TV, God of War coming to Amazon, Anita Pointer, RIP, World Cup fallout and more.

As we face vital issues in America, the Round Up is your answer for a world that moves fast. Having legitimate news stories as opposed to the mainstream media narrative is extremely important in understanding the truth.

These are stories that affect us and make us think and laugh too! There are also stories of poignancy, remembrance, and good old fun, because “laughter is still the best medicine!”

We aggregate from thousands of sources. Enjoy, enlighten, and educate yourselves about the reality of today’s America and the New World Order, or as one of our owners would say, “Live and learn.”


Cardinals update Kyler Murray’s 2023 status (

This team will lose for the next few years, and they’ll likely have many top-10 draft picks if they own them, and salary cap issues will increase.

This is all because of QB Kyler Murray and former head coach Kliff Kingsbury. They’re stuck with Murray because of terrible evaluations. Consequently, ignoring the potential long-term issues of a player who is a little person yet gains his rep with his legs. Hence, the likelihood of injury increases exponentially.

That’ll work in college, but as we’ve seen since its inception, not in the NFL. Murray will emerge as a massive bust, which already caused Kingsbury to get fired!

After Brittney Griner’s Release, Paul Whelan’s Family Continues Fighting to Bring Him Home (

Of course, the Whelan family continues to fight while a druggie knowingly brings illegal drugs into Russia. Moreover, at the same time, virtue signaling her hate for America and the Star-Spangled Banner, the plantation elites and media deem her more worthy than an innocent civilian?

Shockingly, who did the Dementia Joe regime work to bring home? The self-admitted druggie is now a convicted criminal. 🤦🏽‍♂️

It’s tough to compete with a self-admitted convicted drug addict in Brittney Griner who hates this country. Additionally, the mainstream media will do everything to protect hateful leftist swine, including lying in their articles to create false narratives. Consequently, it worked and is what got her home.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr is a disheartening final act (Sports Illustrated)

The fall from grace. Once the legs of Cristiano Ronaldo went, so did any team’s ability to want to deal with a Prima Donna! All that’s left of Ronaldo is the fact he’s an arrogant SOB!

This move is purely one made and done for money. Nothing more, and that’s okay, but let’s not sugarcoat that Ronaldo’s no longer elite. Hence, it’s not worth whatever they’re paying him to play.

Subsequently, his worth comes from his name recognition. Therefore, that makes him valuable in building the league and the team’s brand.

Anthony Hudson Names USMNT Interim Coach Amid Reyna, Berhalter Saga (Sports Illustrated)

The Gio Reyna family had no clue the world would discover and expose their hate-filled act. This has backfired on the scumbag family, and this kid’s career is taking a massive hit.

Consequently, on social media, no matter what he says, some will bring up the fact he’s a loser who tried to get his coach fired. In his defense, rotten, disgusting parents brought him up.


Gregg Berhalter: Claudio Reyna ‘sent messages to US Soccer threatening to reveal US coach’s past’ (Daily Mail Online)

Let’s bottom line this: the Reyna family is swine! It’s that simple. They used an incident from 30-plus years ago to ruin a man’s career. The truth is that their son is a piece of you-know-what. A spoiled, pampered, silver-spooned punk SOB who is useless as a human being. Why?

Gop was in it to destroy his former head coach Gregg Berhalter because he wouldn’t play him after he acted like a petulant child. We hope Berhalter can do something to go after them legally and make them pay, but who knows?

Gregg Berhalter – Reyna family USMNT blackmail scandal: What we know (

Claudio Reyna and Danielle Reyna are angry because their silver-spooned spoiled punk kid of a son, Gio Reyna, decided to behave like a brat. Accordingly, costing him playing time in this past World Cup.

To get him fired, they brought up a 31-year-old allegation that blew up in their faces because they had no support from the fans or media. What a POS family! As crass as that sounds, it fits!


The Way I See It – NFL Fired Coaches, LB Scores (

The Way I See It, looks at NFL Black Monday and the traditional firing of coaches, Roquan Smith finds the financial mother lode, and a pair of veteran wide receivers may be on the move.


Look: Racy Paulina Gretzky Swimsuit Photo Going Viral (The Spun)

We never thought we’d look at a “Gretzky” and say, damn, that’s a hot woman! Yet here we are! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Anita Pointer, Member of the Pointer Sisters, Dies in Beverly Hills at 74 (Times of San Diego)

Entertainment is now fragmented, but in their heyday in the 1980s, every kid and young adult in America knew the Pointer Sisters. Specifically, “I’m So Excited” and “Jump.”

It was an era where tribalism and political hate were at their lowest, and music transcended culture, unlike today. RIP, Anita, and much love on your new journey.


The Backlash Against James Gunn’s DCU Is Out Of Control (

Look, all, the truth is the DC Comics universe is a hot mess, despite Zack Snyder having a couple of hits. Nevertheless, he also put out some of the most boring high-cost superhero movies we’ve ever seen. Thus, it’s no secret Warner Brothers wants to bring in someone with a track record to try to save what should be a hot franchise.

However, to see James Gunn, a supporter of pedophilia and wondering if he’s ever partaken in it, be in charge of a product geared directly to kids is sickening! Moreover, the irony is grotesque: a supporter of pedophilia working on a product that is a mainstay for kids.

Amazon Is Making a ‘God of War’ TV Series (The Hollywood Reporter)

This is excellent news for gamers, but it’s also further evidence of Hollywood’s lack of creativity. They’re taking novels, literature, comics, and graphic novels and adapting them to the screen.

This is predictable from the perspective that CGI (Computer-generated imagery) is cost-effective and realistic enough to make sci-fi and superhero movies believable. Also, our own Brown Grumbler predicted this as a kid way back in the 1970s.

Nevertheless, his issue with Hollywood is more profound. Too many Hollywood writers lie when they adapt a subject and state, “Created by XXX.” The problem is that the writer didn’t create anything but merely tweaked it to adjust the original story for a visual medium.

They’re using the creator’s characters, plot lines, origins, etc., and claiming it as their own with the caveat that it’s an original work because of a tweak. Disgusting but typical of today’s Hollywood, predominantly made up of leftists. Hence, it’s not surprising! 🤦🏽‍♂️


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s First TV Show Could Save His Action Career (

Leftism and climate lies tanked his career. After the unions in California castrated his ballot propositions, the “Governator” realized he would rather have people like him than not. Thus, that meant abandoning all his conservative promises to side with what the mainstream media spews: climate change and other leftist programs.

Since his castration, he’s been a leftist Democrat Plantation overseer. Moreover, why his conservative base left him, and conservatives support those they like, not those they don’t. Leftists don’t support anyone financially outside of political candidates.

Consequently, that’s part of why his career went nowhere when he tried a comeback. Remember, even the Terminator franchise couldn’t resurrect his career!

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