The Round Up – Dow Panic, a Foolish Graham, and more!

In this Round Up, the Dow Panics, another foolish move by Lindsey Graham, Cardi B., is furious and Michael Keaton breaks his silence on Batgirl, plus much more.

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up

In this Round Up, the Dow Panics, another foolish move by Senator Lindsey Graham, Cardi B., is furious over inflation and housing costs, while Michael Keaton breaks his silence on Batgirl, and more.


Cooper Rush will be the Dallas Cowboys quarterback vs. Bengals (

QB Dak Prescott looked unimpressive on opening night, so expecting improvement from Cooper Rush is unreasonable.

I wouldn’t expect much from him, but let’s say he wins and wins again. That’s what happened to Tony Romo when Dak Prescott replaced him. Unfortunately, Prescott hasn’t lived up to expectations since. Even worse, he’s been given an enormous contract that hurts the team’s salary cap.

 If Rush performs well, what happens? 😳

Nathaniel Hackett’s day-after explanation still misses the mark (

In typical coach speak, Nathaniel Hackett pretty much lied.

Was Hackett’s huge leg not questioned by anyone about his thin-air advantage at Mile High Stadium versus Seattle? The kicker’s leg isn’t as strong away from home, so it was a wrong decision. Seattle hosted the game.

Having ties to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers helped Hackett land the Denver Broncos job. Would he have let Aaron Rodgers go for it?

Broncos QB Russ Wilson should be furious.

Mike Martz is to be pitied if this is what can offer on the Bears (Sports Illustrated)

Former head coach and Super Bowl winner Mike Martz is arrogant, but these fat armchair quarterbacks are downright offensive. They chime in with all the answers, thus showing ironic hypocrisy.

If this was edited to make Martz’s comments sound harsher than they are, he should take action. What if it’s not?

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields and San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance haven’t proven anything. Who’s right is a wait-and-see game.

There’s also the conceit of a pee-on working at Sports Illustrated who hasn’t built anything. Yet writes and decries another without any evidence. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Kyle Busch draws Dale Earnhardt comparison from Richard Childress (Fox News)

Congratulations to Busch, but he needs to win at least two more #NASCAR Cup Series Championships before he can compare with Earnhardt Sr, who won seven. 🤦🏽‍♂️

If you’re wondering, Busch has won two. That’s no small achievement but comparing it with seven is ignorant.

As a society, we tend to place great athletes on the same pedestal as those who achieved “greatness” and immortality with their accomplishments.


Fired Up! – Flying Solo, Donald Trump, MSM deception

William Del Pilar, the Conservative Latino goes it alone defending and speaking truths on Trump, MAGA, the mainstream media, dealing with haters, and making the case for American leadership. A must-listen!


Dow posts near 1,300-point drop Tuesday, stocks book worst day since June 2020 (MarketWatch)

It’s no secret that the Joe Biden Regime wants to force and implement their Climate Scam. They don’t care about the economy. Some say, “Stock markets only benefit the rich.”

False. There are 60 million Americans with 401Ks, and the number is only going up. The stock market is a big deal for working-class Americans.

That said, Biden only cares about his party’s ideological beliefs. There’s no history behind it, but what does a man with dementia really know?

Realize this, when progressives implement their climate scam, they know the Republican Party won’t stop it.

Michael Keaton Breaks Silence On Batgirl Movie Being Cancelled (

Not everyone jumps on the leftist, bashing anyone we don’t like bandwagon or make every decision based on color and culture.

The first Batman, Michael Keaton, is in the twilight of his career and has had a resurgence. He will not and should not join a fight based on lies that could destroy his career. Ideological hatred doesn’t care about dead bodies. Keaton probably knows this.

Batgirl’s costume alone warrants banning, you’d agree. 🤣

‘Bad idea’: Republicans pan Lindsey Graham’s 15-week abortion ban (

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has always been an establishment politician. It means he caters to wealthy donors and lobbyists and no longer cares about public opinion.

He is destroying the “red wave” many rightly assumed was coming. This is how the Republican Party snatches defeat from the jaws of victory! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Cardi B. Is Furious Over Inflation & Rising Housing Costs: ‘Like how are people surviving?’ (OutKick)

Cardi B. never forgets where she came from. Most of the time, the wealthy are unaware of the everyday costs of the poor and working class. Does she have the ability to critically think and understand the cause as a liberal entertainer in a leftist industry?

We can hope all we want, but her beliefs will take a back seat, and she’ll follow her handlers’ wishes and listen to them for one reason: money!

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