The Round Up – Bubba Wallace fails? Jacobs to be traded? Marshawn Lynch DUI, PGA Tour wins round one, Trump dominates!  

The Round Up

The Round Up asks if Bubba Wallace failed, should Josh Jacobs be traded, what about the Marshawn Lynch DUI, the PGA Tour beats LIV Golf, and Donald Trump dominates!

Sports Round Up

Top 5: Kevin Harvick’s resurgence, Bubba Wallace’s failure, Ty Gibbs’ time and more – The Athletic

  • Thousands loved Wallace. Now he’s race-hustling and divisive, and NASCAR is made up of many patriotic Americans.
    • Some men and women won’t forget his lying or playing the race card. His goal was to gain favor and attention from the mainstream media and race-hustlers.
    • Now that his race-hustling lie was exposed: the “noose” that wasn’t a “noose.” How much of that base cares?

Las Vegas Raiders: No plans to trade RB Josh Jacobs | FOX Sports

  • It sounds like “coach speak” when the Raiders say they won’t trade Jacobs.
    • The team signed two veterans and drafted a fourth-round pick this past year.
    • The team’s actions in the first preseason game betray what they say.

LIV golfers aiming to play FedEx Cup Playoffs lose court case (

  • The first round belongs to PGA Tour, but it’s not over yet.
    • Lawsuits will be numerous.
  • The PGA prevents its players from earning a living by keeping them out of non-PGA tournaments.
    • Many judges disagree with that, regardless of the law.
  • The PGA’s strategy of painting LIV Golf as backed by blood money will backfire.
    • Their sponsors have 45 billion tied to the same blood money.
    • It will be harder on the PGA the longer their hypocrisy continues.

Seattle Seahawks Legend Marshawn Lynch Arrested on Suspicion of DUI – Sports Illustrated

  • Overall, Sin City has not been kind to athletes.
    • DE Michael Bennett, Saints RB Alvin Kamara, and too many more to list.
  • There are two common drunken responses:
  • “I’m good enough to drive,” and “I don’t want to come back for my car.”
    • That’s a DUI recipe.
    • This will continue until leagues teach players the consequences of being cheap and lazy. See Henry Ruggs III.

Sports Grumblings Spotlight – The Big Questions with Big John Podcast

Conflict Resolution Expert: preeminent libertarian John T. Georgopoulos welcomes Law Professor Fred T. Golder, attorney, conflict resolution, mediator, educator, and author.

Politics, Pop Culture and Entertainment

Trump dominates 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll at Turning Point USA summit | Fox News

  • This is one of the first major presidential straw polls for 2024.
    • With 78.7%, Trump exudes dominance and warns potential candidates.
    • Conservative intellectuals and the “NeverTrump” choice, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, won only 19 percent of the vote!
    • In other words, this is Trump’s party and his nomination to lose.

Trump easily wins Texas CPAC 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll; DeSantis second | Fox News

  • The CPAC presidential 2024 straw poll is the preeminent conservative straw poll every year.
    • Like the TPUSA summit poll, it wasn’t even close!
    • Trump took 69.1% of the vote.
    • Despite only 23.7%, DeSantis performed much better than his TPUSA outing.
    • Pundits are clueless: DeSantis cannot challenge Trump.
    • Would DeSantis alienate Trump’s base by trying?

Harris Jewelry Reaches $34.2M Settlement Over Deceptive Sales to Troops – Times of San Diego

  • Supposedly, this company provides easy access to higher-priced jewelry for the military.
  • In reality, they exploited young service members no differently than used car salesmen.
  • Our defenders are young, naive, and ignorant and need better mentors.

Roger E. Mosley, ‘Magnum, P.I.’ star, dies after car crash (

  • RIP TC! Thanks for making us laugh, forgetting the drudgery of everyday life, and much love as you embark on your next journey.
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