The Round Up: Animal Activist Slammed, Dreamers Unshackled, plus more!

The Round Up talks about an animal rights activist playing a victim, Section 230 will finally see a courtroom hearing, Taylor Lorenz is a vile monster, and more!

  • Published on 1 year ago
The Round Up

The Round Up talks about an animal rights activist playing a victim, Section 230 will finally see a courtroom hearing, Taylor Lorenz is a vile monster, and much more!


NASCAR hits Kevin Harvick team with stiff penalties (

People don’t realize NASCAR is like a soap opera; you can go through every generation of greats and find stories that belong in a “Telenovela.” That is the nature of most sports. Still, NASCAR is one of the “real” sports events where they’re down to earth and are closer to the fans than other professional sports. Their drama is worthy of being a storyline in whatever “Housewives of…” is on the air.

Ohtani is the first MLB player to qualify as both hitter, pitcher (Yardbarker)

This is a disgrace. Yankees OF Aaron Judge and his career home run season weren’t even close to challenging the MLB record. Then you add the 20-home run jump from his previous years, and some are asking legitimate questions about how that big a leap could happen without drugs. We’re not accusing, but the question is fair and reporters and fans raising it has a right to in this era of PEDs (player-enhancing drugs).

Angels pitcher and hitter Shohei Ohtani is the best overall player in professional baseball today. What he’s done is unheard of as pitchers have become the vajayjay of professional athletes, rating one spot above kickers. Ohtani is incredible in what he’s done. As a former liberal, the Brown Grumbler calls this #AsianHate, but he’s not a liberal. He can’t help seeing how many would react if the shoe was on the other foot.

Animal rights activist slammed by Rams linebacker files a police report (Daily Mail Online)

Kudos to Bobby Wagner for taking “Direct Action” against this bum. Those who read it will get it. Overall, this is not surprising, as leftists now use every tool at their disposal, especially the courts. His lawyers’ job will be to get in front of an “activist” judge. We have too many who create laws and ignore ones they don’t like, with some even ruling against the law.

LIV Golf To Receive World Ranking Points with Unique Loophole: Report (

This is LIV with a win, but the battle is far from over. This is one loophole and will only provide limited help in their pursuit of getting into the points system. They do have one advantage. Their financial backing makes them legitimate, and the ability to bring over those same people working against them by playing on their greed is inevitable. Let’s not forget PGA VIPs also love the elite lifestyle they charge to the PGA Tour during the golf season to travel to and from golf and personal events.

Andrade, Sammy Guevara, involved in backstage AEW fracas (

Will we ever know if it was staged or real? That’s the question! While we list this topic in the “Sports Round Up,” there’s no longer any doubt wrestling is a choreographed industry. However, to make most, if not all, the moves they do, they must be athletic and in shape to handle that pounding and pain. When people claim golf, bowling, hell, and even baseball, to a degree, are sports and wrestling is not, you know you’re talking to a dumb individual.


Breaking News – Daniel Snyder, Angry NFL Owner (

Daniel Snyder is the owner of the Washington Commanders and tells his critics that his fellow owners act as if they are in the mafia. Still, he’s got the dirt on all of them!


Democrats have earned their soft-on-crime reputation (

Staying true to fundamental issues is the Republican Party’s only hope in the midterms. Democrats since 2020 have been supporting “Defund the Police,” which is why we have a higher crime rate. Their love of spending on non-economic “green” environment projects has exponentially blown up inflation. The “Border Crisis” is taking jobs and creating greater inflation because of Democrats spending.

It doesn’t stop there, including mothers still struggling to find baby formula. If they get bogged down on “non-economic” issues, they’ll do what they always do. Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Supreme Court to debate liability protections for internet companies (

It’s about time! However, this is merely one issue. Tech giants will run to their openly supporting Democrat brethren. However, they’ll do the same to Republicans they’ve been donating to who don’t tell us they take money from these conglomerates. Yes, we’re looking at you, Representative Jim Jordan.

However, the actual issue here is to investigate the government colluding with “Big Tech” to affect the outcome of the 2020 election. That includes censoring information such as the Hunter Biden laptop. Those and other censorship issues are indisputable facts now.

Appeals Court Blocks Republican Efforts to End Protection for 600,000 ‘Dreamers’ (Times of San Diego)

We are here because of tribalism and both parties are ignoring the problem of immigration. However, once Democrats realized this was their new minority base, they ramped up efforts to exponentially increase the ease of illegal aliens crossing the border. With the belief, they’ll turn the switch eventually and make them leftist voters. True or not, that’s why we have thousands of these “Dreamers.”

The courts shouldn’t even be hearing these issues as it’s a political issue they have no business dealing with and should send back to Congress. Instead, “activist judges” create new laws out of bad laws to make all this worse. Every political issue can become a nightmare until we hold “activist judges” accountable. Never forget, illegals directly affect our pocketbooks, jobs, and even lives, as illegal aliens have murdered thousands of Americans.

The diver who went missing found dead off Southern California (Fox News)

Our own Brown Grumbler is a diver and tells us, regardless of your experience, anything can happen underwater. Underwater, the limit of help you can get is what makes diving so dangerous. Thus, diving with a buddy is an unwritten rule that we must follow, despite some veteran divers stating otherwise. RIP, Justin Hoang. You experienced life’s wonders under the ocean and were a better human for it.

Taylor Lorenz Loses It Over Co-Worker’s ‘Insensitive and Deadly’ Covid Tweet (OutKick)

An arrogant silver-spooned rich kid thinks she’s smarter than every minority and must tell us how to live. Her silver spoon upbringing also makes her believe she’s smarter than her fellow elites, thus the reason she attacks anyone. She’s an attention whore, with no care for the ramifications of what she does. If the term “white privilege” ever existed – which it doesn’t, but if it did – she’d be the poster child for it. She’s a vile human being. Nothing more, nothing less.

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