Ms. Bumbum: Showcasing the Tightest Booties in the World!

The History of the Miss Bumbum Contest

The Miss Bumbum contest is an annual beauty pageant held in Brazil to reward the owner of the best buttocks in the country.

The History of the Miss Bumbum Contest

The Miss Bumbum rewards the owner of the best buttocks in Brazil. Created by journalist and entrepreneur Cacau Oliver, the competition has 27 contestants, each representing one of the country’s 27 states. The winner receives 50,000 Brazilian reais (about $22,000) in endorsement deals, as well as instantly becoming a celebrity in Brazil. Brazilian television network RedeTV! broadcasts the event.

Since 2011, the Miss Bumbum contest has gained immense popularity and notoriety, becoming one of the most talked-about beauty pageants in the world. Feminists have criticized the contest for its objectification of women, but also fans have praised it for its celebration of Brazilian culture and beauty standards.

Fans have also credited the Miss Bumbum contest with helping to boost the Brazilian economy. The pageant has generated millions of dollars in revenue, as well as promoting Brazil as a tourist destination.

The Miss Bumbum contest has been held in a variety of different locations over the years, including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Salvador. Additionally, the pageant has been broadcast live on television, and millions worldwide have watched it.

The Miss Bumbum is a controversial pageant, but it is also a popular one. Additionally, the pageant has helped raise awareness of Brazilian culture and beauty standards and generated millions of dollars in revenue. Certainly, the Miss Bumbum contest will remain a beloved event for years to come.

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The Winners

RosanaFerreira CarlineFelizardo DaiMacedo

Rosana Ferreira (2011), Carline Felizardo (2012), Dai Macedo (2013)

RosieOliveira IndianaraCarvalho ErikaCanela

Rosie Oliveira (2017), Indianara Carvalho (2014), Erika Canela (2016)

LuDuarte LunnaLeblanc EllenSantana

Lu Duarte (2020), Lunna Leblanc (2021), Ellen Santana (2018)

Carolina Lekker

Carolina Lekker (2022)


The only two-time champion, Suzy Cortez (2015, 2019)

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