The Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time

The Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time

The debate over the greatest quarterbacks of all time is contentious, and it is difficult to say who belongs in the top 10 definitively. However, a few quarterbacks consistently appear near the top of such rankings.

  • Tom Brady (2000- ) is perhaps the most successful quarterback of all time. He has won an unprecedented seven Super Bowls and has made it to the championship game an impressive ten times. Known for his cool demeanor and clutch performances in big games. He is the career passing yards and touchdowns leader.
  • Joe Montana (1979-1994) is often considered one of the greatest of all time. He won four Super Bowls and won three Super Bowl MVPs. Montana was renowned for his accuracy and ability to lead his team to victory. As a result, he earned the nickname “Joe Cool.”
  • Peyton Manning (1998-2015) has a strong case for the top 10. Manning won two Super Bowls, also winning the Super Bowl MVP twice. He holds many NFL records, including the most touchdowns and passing yards in a single season. Additionally, Manning has won the most career MVP awards in the NFL, with five.
  • Johnny Unitas (1956-1973) was a quarterback from an earlier era, but that cannot deny his impact on the game. Unitas won three NFL championships and the league MVP three times. “Johnny U” is one pioneer of the modern passing game. Especially the two-minute drill.
  • Dan Marino (1983-1999) is another quarterback who put up impressive numbers during his career. Marino was a nine-time Pro Bowler and the first QB to top 5,000 passing yards in a season. He led the Miami Dolphins to the Super Bowl in 1984, but unfortunately came up short.


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  • Brett Favre (1991-2010) had a long and successful career. He holds many NFL records, including career touchdowns and consecutive player starts. He won Super Bowl XXI with the Green Bay Packers. Because of his outstanding play, he won the Super Bowl MVP.
  •  Aaron Rodgers (2005- ) is another quarterback often mentioned in discussions of the greatest of all time. He won Super Bowl XLV and has four NFL MVP awards to his credit. Known for his powerful arm and ability to make difficult throws.
  •  John Elway (1983-1998) is another quarterback with a strong case for the top 10. He won two Super Bowls and named the Super Bowl MVP twice. Elway has a reputation for a supremely strong arm. Consequently, many of his receivers bore the “Elway Cross,” the spot where an Elway fastball had struck their bodies.
  •  Sammy Baugh (1937-1952) “Sligin’ Sammy” was a quarterback from the early days of the NFL. He is one of the greatest passers of all time and was a crucial figure in the development of the forward pass. He won an NFL championship in 1937 and named the league MVP in 1947. Additionally, Baugh was an outstanding punter, averaging 45.1 yards per punt.
  •  Drew Brees (2001-2020) is the final quarterback on this list. He holds many NFL records, including the second-most passing yards in a career and most touchdowns in a season. Brees won Super Bowl XLIV and the Super Bowl MVP in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As a result, he is a legend and folk hero in Louisiana.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the 10 greatest quarterbacks of all time are a subjective list, and many other quarterbacks could make a strong case for inclusion. However, the quarterbacks listed above are consistently mentioned as some of the best to play the game.

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