The Big Questions with Big John
The Big Questions with Big John
The Big Questions with Big John – Marc Hirschfeld

The Big Questions with Big John is an interview show that allows Big John to pick the brains of people he finds interesting, regardless of their field of expertise or celebrity.

Big John sits down for a talk with one of the biggest names in comedy that you’ve probably never heard of… Marc Hirschfeld.

Marc has been the casting director for all the great TV sitcoms since the 70s like Married With Children, Seinfeld, News Radio, The Jeffersons, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Killing Eve and more! He talks about some interesting casting decisions, the state of comedy in today’s cancel culture, and how actors can increase their odds of getting noticed in an audition.

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00:00 Opening
02:40 Getting started as a casting director
05:45 The process of casting for a show
09:45 How actors can get noticed during an audition
12:00 Casting for a live performance vs. a sitcom
14:45 How Marc casted Ed O’Neal for the role of Ed Bundy
27:45 David Faustino and Christina Applegate were not not he original choices for the Bundy children
31:00 Casting Seinfeld
40:00 Casting the Norm McDonald Show
42:45 Marc answers some silly (and not-so-silly) questions
50:35 Is comedy being stifled by political correctness?

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