The Big Questions with Big John
The Big Questions with Big John
The Big Questions with Big John – Greg Kellogg

The Big Questions with Big John is an interview show where our own Big John gets the opportunity to have conversations with interesting people from all walks of life.

In this episode, Big John sits down with one of the trailblazers of internet fantasy football, Greg Kellogg. Consequently, Greg is an inaugural member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame and discusses his start in the industry, his time at Fox Sports, his military career, and other interesting topics.

00:00 Opening
02:50 The origins of FanEx, the Fantasy Experts League
11:30 Fantasy Football analysts: data-driven vs. observational
14:00 Talking some of the top runners of recent years: Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Frank Gore
21:15 Greg recalls his childhood
26:45 Enlisting in the Army
34:00 Working as a Russian linguist for Uncle Sam
41:00 Greg’s review of the new Top Gun – Maverick movie
43:35 Starting a new career at Fox Sports
49:45 Feeling blessed in life
51:45 Is the fantasy industry full of sharks?
1:05:45 Greg answers some silly questions
1:17:00 Rumor addressed: did Seth McFarland base Peter Griffin on Greg Kellogg?

The Big Questions with Big John – Greg Kellogg
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