RIP Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll

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I believe Rod Stewart said Anna Mae Bullock, aka Tina Turner, had the best legs in show business. I’m unsure, but we know she had them insured for millions (reports vary from $2-$3.5 million). She thought they were as important as the voice that helped sell over 100 million records worldwide. Slim Whitman, eat your heart out.


Ironically, what many of us will remember most about her aren’t just her legs and tragic story, but that hair. That hair itself had a personality. Sure, it was a wig, but it was part of her style and an overall look that defined her. Her legs, hair, and a hardened look from an abusive life. That was Tina, yet her energy and passion brought it all together to exude sensuality and become a sex symbol in her own right. At an age when Hollywood and the entertainment industry would shun women entering their forties for younger up-and-comers.

While she exuded her sensuality into sexuality, even into her forties, she had to overcome her abusive past life with Ike Turner. That is where her hardened look came from. A survivor of an abusive relationship. A hard look from a hard life. Weathered but enduring. It made her who she was, and the good and evil she endured created a woman stronger than she ever thought she could be and propelled her to superstardom.


We realize many truths as we grow older and mature with life experiences. For Tina, her life experiences not only made her unique but also showed what the perseverance of the human soul can do when it wills itself to overcome. That, my friend, is who Tina Turner was. She lost everything after leaving Ike and had to start back from nothing.

Yet, despite her talent, the entertainment industry chews you up and spits you out, showing no mercy to anyone. Even with doing that, she was so good that artists like Rod Stewart, David Bowie, and others would take time from their schedules to watch her perform for no other reason than being Tina Turner fans. One of these performances, courtesy of Bowie, with decision-makers in the audience, led her to a new recording contract and her comeback. She never looked back.


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Many will only see that she was worth over $250 million and will be in awe because we live in a world driven by dollars. They won’t realize she was a woman who, at her early peak, was in an era where the music studios, regardless of whether it was Motown or Sony, all had one thing in common. Rip off the artists. Where women were second-class citizens and black women? Well, Tina’s story sheds much on that. Her life was beyond difficult. Most would’ve crumbled. She chose not to and, in doing so, became the American Dream. Ultimately, a story of redemption and proving exceptionalism is in anyone who endures.


Friends, Tina Turner’s life as a woman is a role model for any female struggling. Still, she’s also a businesswoman who learned the hard way by losing everything before understanding how the world works. She took those lessons to create more success than most can even dream of. She’s the model in showing us what it takes to persevere and overcome. For the record, there is no one like Tina Turner today. No one.

Tina proved that life isn’t about not getting knocked down but how you respond when knocked down.


Rest in peace, Anna Mae Bullock, and with much love as you continue your next journey. You are the epitome of the human spirit and its will to overcome. You made life’s journey an adventure.

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