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Points on the Board
Points on the Board - Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Colin Kaepernick, more (Ep 13)

Pioneers of the fantasy sports industry William Del Pilar and Big John team up to bring you Points on the Board, a show blending sports, politics and pop culture that’ll make you think deeply and laugh out loud.

This episode: breaking down the Falcons trade of QB Matt Ryan, analyzing the top two picks of 2015 (Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota) as they sign new free agent deals, will Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garappolo accept backup roles, a look at the Colin Kaepernick situation, and more.

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0:00 Opening
2:55 Breaking down the Matt Ryan trade to the Colts
21:20 Top 2015 draft picks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota trying to revive careers
22:35 Calling out the hacks in the fantasy sports industry
38:35 Falcons waited way too long to move on from Matt Ryan
41:15 Predicting the future of Baker Mayfield
45:30 What happens to Jimmy Garappolo in 2022?
55:00 What’s the deal with Colin Kaepernick?

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