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Points on the Board
Points on the Board: Kansas/NC, NCAA hypocrisy, Gore (Ep 17)

Pioneers of the fantasy sports industry William Del Pilar and Big John team up to bring you Points on the Board, a show blending sports, politics and pop culture that’ll make you think deeply and laugh out loud.

This episode: Kansas-North Carolina NCAA recap, college sports “amateurism” debated, breaking down the Saints-Eagles big NFL trade, debating whether Frank Gore should be in the Hall of Fame, and more!

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00:00 Opening
05:15 Kansas-North Carolina recap
06:45 Should NCAA players be paid?
10:50 How does Bill Self compare to Roy Williams?
25:10 Does Hubert Davis have a bright coaching future?
29:35 Breaking down the big Eagles-Saints #NFL trade
36:45 Predicting Sean Payton’s NFL future
40:00 Is Frank Gore a Hall of Fame player
43:35 Don Sutton is the case study of Hall of Fame persistence
46:20 Terry Allen had little chicken legs

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