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Points on the Board
Points on the Board - Football, Juan Carlos Blanco (Ep 38)

Pioneers of the fantasy sports industry William Del Pilar and Big John team up to bring you Points on the Board, a show blending sports, politics and pop culture that’ll make you think deeply and laugh out loud.

This episode: Del Pilar and guest Juan Carlos Blanco (@JCBlanco22) break down the FSGA Champions league fantasy football draft.

Points on the Board - Mayfield, Wilson/MILFs, more (Ep 37) mobile video link Mobile users: click here to view video

00:00 Opening
25:20 Robbie Anderson resurgence?
34:20 Wait on QBs or lock in a top tier player?
37:35 What to do with #DeShaunWatson?
42:20 Is Amari Cooper a No. 1 #fantasyfootball WR?
53:05 Zac Ertz, early-season sleeper?
54:40 Round 1 and #FSGA’s first fantasy expert champion 
1:03:55 Rounds 2-3 – potential trends and Saquon Barkley
1:10:05 Rounds 4-6 – QBs and how teams shaping up
1:15:25 Rounds 7-12 – Gathering depth
1:20:55 Leonard Fournette: fat and happy with new contract?
1:24:10 Rounds 13-16 – Value and Flyer Picks
1:26:15 Kirk Cousins potential career year?
1:30:50 Value picks made
1:35:20 Contenders vs Pretenders – who are they?

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