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Points on the Board - Blacks in Baseball, Ye, RIP Angela Lansbury (Ep 47)

This episode: the declining number of black players in the Major Leagues, Ye and his purchase of Parler, and a fond farewell to actress Angela Lansbury.

Pioneers of the fantasy sports industry William Del Pilar and Big John team up to bring you Points on the Board, a show blending sports, politics and pop culture that’ll make you think deeply and laugh out loud.

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00:00 Opening
02:00 No black Americans playing in the 2022 World Series
06:15 Why is baseball no longer popular among black teenagers in the U.S.?
12:30 Latinos dominate baseball– why?
17:00 Big John doesn’t watch baseball any more
20:00 Ye buys Parler
21:45 Giving Ye a chance
24:30 William recounts witnessing black antisemitism
27:25 The political clash of Jews and Blacks in the U.S.
32:45 Is Ye another Bobby Fischer?
35:30 Ye’s plans for Parler
42:15 RIP Angela Lansbury
46:00 Lansbury saved her daughter from joining the Manson Family
52:30 Wrap-up

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