Hottest Women in the World – Women of the 1980’s

Welcome to our scintillating exploration of the hottest women in the world, tailored specifically for Generation Xers.

  • Published on 2 months ago
Hottest Women in the World - Women of the 1980's
Betsy Russell in “Private School”

Welcome to our scintillating exploration of the hottest women in the world, tailored specifically for Generation Xers who grew up in the 1980s. From timeless beauties to modern icons, we delve into the allure and influence of these captivating 1980s ladies.

Hottest Women in the World – Betsy Russell, Christina Applegate

Betsy Russell – Russell doesn’t often get mentioned in these types of lists, but she was definitely a sexy and talented actress. Thanks to her appearance in teen coming of age movies (all the rage in the 80s) like the iconic Private School, as well as other films, Russell holds a lofty place in the hearts of male Gen Xers.

Christina Applegate – Kelly Bundy! Despite a long and successful career as a comedic actress, Applegate will always be the stereotypically sexy “dumb blonde” Kelly Bundy from the groundbreaking Married… with Children television series.

Babes of the 1980s – Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson

Cindy Crawford – The term ‘supermodel‘ became popular during the 1980s, when models started to become celebrities in their own right. Despite the existence of several jaw-dropping beauties in the 1980s, Crawford was arguably the most drooled-after by young men.

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson – Not a fan of Cindy Crawford in the 80s? In that case, odds were you were a big fan of the woman known as “The Body”, Elle Macpherson. Despite that incredible figure, many Gen Xers remember Macpherson as always having that bright and playful smile.

Hottest Women in the World -Heather Locklear, Heather Thomas

Heather Locklear – In the 1960s, teen boys always asked “Ginger or Mary Ann?”, a reference to the two hotties on the TV show Gilligan’s Island. Well, the 1980s version of that game was “Which Heather?”. Was it the cute and peppy Heather Locklear, who simultaneously starred on two prime time TV series (Dynasty, T.J. Hooker) in the 80s? Or was it…

Heather Thomas – The other prominent Heather in the 80s was Heather Thomas. In addition to her acting career in the 80s on TV (The Fall Guy) and movies (Zapped!), she could be found on nearly every teen boy’s bedroom wall… via one of her iconic bikini posters.

Hotties from the 80s – Markie Post, Phoebe Cates

Markie Post – In addition to the incredibly hot Heather Thomas, The Fall Guy also featured the bodacious Markie Post, who offered gawking male viewers a brunette option to Thomas. Subsequently upon leaving The Fall Guy in 1985, Post went on to have a long run as Christine Sullivan in the hit comedy Night Court.

Phoebe Cates – Pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. ‘Nuff said.

Hottest Women in the World – Samantha Fox, Kelly LeBrock

Samantha Fox – Fox was a British pop singer in the 80s, or so we’re told. Regardless, it wasn’t her music that turned on young men of the era. It was her ample… talents. Regardless, many Gen Xers have a soft spot for this busty Brit.

Kelly Lebrock – In addition to being uber-hot in the iconic teen comedy Weird Science, Lebrock’s “Lisa” was every young man’s idea of the coolest girlfriend imaginable.

Wrapping Up

Without a doubt, there were many hot women from the 1980s to choose from, and there’s no way we could include them all. However, we hope this little bit of nostalgia brought back happy memories for you!

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