Fired up
Fired Up
Fired Up! - Conservatism, Dobbs decision, Marc Ang (Ep 05)

Join “The Conservative Latino” William Del Pilar as he gets FIRED UP taking on the issues of the day and serves them up from his unique perspective. Luckily, nothing is off-limits when William gets on a roll– that is, lucky for everyone except the poor devils he gets in his cross-hairs!

This episode: William Del Pilar, the Conservative Latino, is joined this week by Karen Roseberry and Marc Ang to discuss conservatism, the Dobbs decision, Maya Flores v AOC, and more!

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00:00 Opening
01:40 “Minority Retort”, the book
05:30 Marc’s pivotal moment toward conservatism
08:30 Karen’s defining moment toward conservatism
10:35 Marc’s writing style and advice to newbies
15:10 Dobbs Decision (overturning Roe v. Wade)
21:40 Planned Parenthood controlling the narrative
22:10 Hook up culture normalizes abortion without consideration of issues down the road
23:45 Stevie Nicks and “Sarah”

25:20 A sailor’s tale – the sonogram
27:50 Rights of the father – emasculated
31:00 Amber Heard moment
35:50 Moral degradation of the country
41:40 David Valadao – Kitchen Politics vs Abortion
45:35 Flipping Latinos from Democrat to Republican
46:15 CAGOP has Stockholm Syndrome and no statement yet on Dobbs
49:10 Maya Flores did it herself and the GOP taking credit for the people’s “Red Wave”
54:30 Latinos still believe in American Dream and Exceptionalism
57:20 The Constitution is now Alt-Right? Changing the narrative
58:50 Maya Flores vs. AOC

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