Fired up
Fired Up
Fired Up! - Conservative v. Libertarian, Mises Takeover

Join “The Conservative Latino” William Del Pilar as he gets FIRED UP taking on the issues of the day and serves them up from his unique perspective. Luckily, nothing is off-limits when William gets on a roll– that is, lucky for everyone except the poor devils he gets in his cross-hairs!

This episode: Del Pilar explores the differences between a conservative and a libertarian, the dysfunction of the Libertarian Party, and the Mises Caucus takeover.

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00:00 Opening
01:00 Perception vs. Reality
05:15 Libertarian Philosophy vs. Libertarian Politics
08:40 Libertarian “Golden Rule” vs. Conservative “Golden Rule”
10:45 Big John moved from conservatism to libertarianism
12:00 Buckley, Goldwater and Reagan as conservative icons
27:30 The events that pushed Big John from conservative to libertarian thought
32:15 Milton Friedman as Big John’s libertarian guide
34:30 Libertarian “a-ha” moment for Big John
42:30 Penn Jillette’s analogy on use of government coercion
45:30 The Mises Caucus
52:30 Mises vs. classical liberals vs. minarchists
53:30 William Weld: the spark that set of the Mises takeover?
59:30 Big John: positives and negatives of the Mises messaging

1:04:00 Most Americans are libertarian
1:09:00 Politics isn’t about ideas– it’s about winning elections
1:16:00 How did the Mises Caucus take control so quickly?
1:21:00 Big John hates the “Fiscally conservative, socially liberal” description of libertarianism
1:23:00 Dave Smith as a Mises mouthpiece
1:29:00 The curious case of Marc Victor and Blake Masters
1:47:00 Is the Mises Caucus courting the alt-right?
1:59:00 Democrats and Republicans conspire to keep third parties off the ballot
2:10:00 Wrap-up

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