Fired up
Fired Up
Fired up! - CA Data Breach, 2nd Amendment, CA Law AB 1594 (Ep 06)

Join “The Conservative Latino” William Del Pilar as he gets FIRED UP taking on the issues of the day and serves them up from his unique perspective. Luckily, nothing is off-limits when William gets on a roll– that is, lucky for everyone except the poor devils he gets in his cross-hairs!

This episode: the CA Data Breach, 2nd Amendment rights, and the effects of the new California law (AB1594) which allows individuals, local governments and the California Attorney General to sue irresponsible manufacturers and sellers of firearms for the harm caused by their products. Del Pilar and Roseberry welcome guest Craig DeLuz (@CraigDeLuz) to the show.

Fired Up! - 2A, AB1594 Suing Gun Companies, CA Data Breach (Ep 06) mobile video link Mobile users: click here to view video

00:00 Opening
01:30 Craig DeLuz
05:20 Revisiting NYSRPA v Bruen
07:15 What is “codified law”?
14:25 The Second Amendment – the Ugly Stepchild
17:50 CA Gun Data Breach – CCW
21:40 Breach purposely leaked?
26:10 AB1594 Suing Gun Manufacturers
27:40 Not about winning lawsuits but burying companies
35:30 Rules for Radicals, the Communist Manifesto
37:55 Immigrants get it – conservative values aren’t extremist
39:45 Tribalism’s current roots: climate change
41:50 Kamala Harris “Smart on Crime”
46:25 GOP circle refuses to fight and take ground
49:00 Why Americans backed Obama and Trump
57:55 There’s a lot of “brown gold” in those hills, CA GOP!
58:00 Why do Democrats want to take our guns?

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