Del Pilar’s Diatribe: Blue Beetle is Now Streaming – Why it Bombed!

The Blue Beetle is streaming, Batman is fascist; the military-industrial complex represents evil white men, are the “woke” premise for another Warner Bros bomb.

  • Published on 7 months ago
The Blue Beetle Bombs

The Blue Beetle is streaming, and Batman is still fascist; the military-industrial complex represents the evil white man, and only Latinos can come together like family is part of the “woke” premise for the latest Warner Brothers failure, the Blue Beetle. We should not lose the irony that part of the plot shows a minority, this time, a Latino law school graduate, as too stupid to realize his family is about to lose their home until after he graduates! These “woke” and other examples are the most significant reasons the Blue Beetle bombed at the box office.

The movie was also originally part of the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) debacle (box office bombs) that’s ending in favor of the DCU (revamped DC Universe) by a new team (James Gunn and Peter Safran). Yet, because of internal pressure, the new team is wishy-washy regarding which universe the Blue Beetle is part of – initially stating no, then communicating yes with caveats. In essence, it’s a business decision. If the movie performed well, sequels and tie-ins would happen in the new DCU; if not, they will quickly move on. Because of so many heroes, limited movies, and screen time, with the box office failure, they’ll likely move on. Plus, he’s a second-rate hero in the grand scheme of things.

The Heat is on (with apologies to Glenn Frey, RIP)!

Warner Brothers executives fearing to be on the chopping block need any superhero movie win, considering how the DCEU is bombing left and right. They were already experiencing two colossal failures:

Shazam! Fury of the Gods:

The Flash

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Go “Woke,” and Brown Racists Exist!

What started as a streaming movie became a theater release after the director, Ángel Manuel Soto, fed the studio quite a bit of bull. Why bull? The film was a bomb, that’s why! He fed them lies, considering the track record of “woke” movies. It was a strategic decision by Warner Brothers, as the budget was much lower than most if not all, superhero movies in recent memory. Thus, profitability was much easier to hit. However, they made one glaring mistake. Despite creating a family atmosphere that received great reviews, they went 100 percent “woke.”

When you are most famous for rabid racist statements and wishing for the assassination of a sitting president, and your worldview revolves around displacement, colonialism, and gentrification, what are the odds of a movie succeeding when you proudly espouse those beliefs as part of the movie? To state how the evil villain represents white America, it’s not surprising when the movie fails! I’m referring to Soto here. Full disclosure: my Puerto Rican grandmother’s side is also a “Soto,” but we do not know, and it’s unlikely there’s any relation as it’s a common “Spanish” surname.

“Woke” and Too Ignorant to Know History!

Xolo Maridueña is a young and up-and-coming actor known for his starring role in the YouTube, then Netflix hit series Cobra Kai. He’s also an ignorant fool who doesn’t understand history and is a thoroughly indoctrinated, “woke,” petulant child! He fails to realize the Blue Beetle is a tale for all cultures, as its history reflects that.

Maridueña was all about Latino this, Latino that, and white people evil. Seeing this ignorance in someone so young merely validates the belief we’re indoctrinating our youth and not teaching them to think critically and view fellow Americans equally. As a Latino and Hispanic, seeing someone young and influential speak like this disappointed me and showed me our future – tribalism. For the complete write-up on his stupidity and ignorance, see my previous article, The Blue Beetle: is Xolo Maridueña an Ignorant Fool?

Blue Beetle Production Costs and Theatrical Performance

Supposed Reasons for the Blue Beetle Bomb

There are several reasons for the “supposed” bomb we call the Blue Beetle, and here they are:

  • Racism
  • Superhero Fatigue.
  • August is a “dump month” for movies.
  • Minimal marketing campaign: SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike (Hollywood writers)
  • Tropical Storm Hillary
  • From DCEU to DCU is making fans give up on the DC universe.

Reality Check on Reasons for the Blue Beetle Bomb

There are some legitimate issues, but they are excuses because the studio made the wrong decision — release it when it had a lot going against it. We’ll never get an answer to that blunder either, and this is the third straight superhero blunder!

  • Today, when Hollywood creations tank, the first call to arms is to claim critics are racists.
    • That’s the biggest lie, and those who lie, claiming racism, need to look in the mirror at the true face of racism.
  • If the movie was all that, why give it an August release?
    • The strike with SAG-AFTRA and WGA is ongoing; why not hold off on release as this movie had no timetable, and other studios have done that?
  • Bad weather?
    • Please! Box office studs always face bad weather, including winter hits (see various holiday movies).
  • Fans have given up on superhero movies.
    • Please! As a former child and young adult comic book collector, I know firsthand that we don’t give up on our childhood heroes – we’re just no longer giving our hard-earned money away, anymore.
  • When “woke” movies fail, we get excuses rather than studios looking at reality. Maybe that’s one reason we continue to get “woke” movies from Disney and Warner Brothers.
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Racism: Why the Blue Beetle is Such a Bomb!

Soto, a racist with the “X” timeline to prove it (note: Soto’s account is now “protected”), states he wanted President Trump assassinated, that Puerto Rico is a slave state, and that the world’s problems are because of white people. Yet, he has no issues collecting checks from white people. The irony! Full disclosure: I (the writer) am Panamanian and Puerto Rican, as pure a Latino and Hispanic as they come. Soto is what I call a professional racist. Nothing is ever his fault and always someone else’s. Thus, the word racist or racism will always find its way into the conversation.

As a Puerto Rican, I loathe him because he’s a successful man who plays the victim and race card to achieve his goals. We Puerto Ricans are a proud people – cowards like him embarrass and shame us. My father is Puerto Rican and is one of the first Latinos to make the rank of E-9 in the US Army. He came here with nothing, and if he heard Soto whining about “displacement, colonialism, and gentrification,” he’d b**** slap this racist.

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg!

As the movie tanked, Soto either began realizing mocking moviegoers and fans does not help with ticket sales, or Warner Brothers’ bosses sat him down. Regardless, Soto came back out begging to give the movie a shot. Americans are tired of “woke” movies, and when the hero is a second-tier superhero, the parent doesn’t have to worry about saying no to seeing it. Something parents couldn’t do with the movie “Barbie.” The studio probably sat him down as a parent would a petulant child. I wouldn’t look for this racist director to helm any more DCU movies.

This movie is also a failure because we’re tired of “woke,” racist movies claiming the only racism in the world is from white supremacists. This Latino / Hispanic has seen racism towards him from blacks, Asians, and whites. See a trend here. It’s from every culture. Racism exists in every culture and color, and most of America is finally saying enough. Whether a movie deserves it, when the leading actor, director, and antagonist start their conversations with race, culture, and “white man bad,” it will fail. We are in a full tribalistic mode led by white elitists and black and brown racists. Why? Sadly, racism is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Diversity Proliferates in America!

Going to middle-class neighborhoods, especially military cities, is a mecca of diversity and various cultures getting along. Do we always agree? Not at all.

  • Is there racism? Of course! Yet, we’re entering a phase where white Americans and minorities who don’t believe they’re victims are saying enough.

The Blue Beetle is a casualty of that, as are other movies. Americans just want to be entertained, not lectured. Hate is hate, and hate begets hate. Those pushing this tribalism don’t care as long as they get theirs. In a multi-billion-dollar industry, there’s a lot of money.

If it’s politicians, it’s power. If it’s elitists, it’s wealth, and if it’s the everyday person? Well, we’re too ignorant to realize we’re the only ones not getting anything out of it. My proof is to look at where poor whites, brown, and blacks are economically. We’re in the same lot we’ve been in since the “Great War on Poverty,” Democrats purposely began, knowing it would make most minorities and poor Americans (think trailer parks) dependent on government. We are in the same positions, we were decades ago and in many ways, as a nation worse off economically. Until we wake up and realize this isn’t a color issue but a caste issue, it won’t stop.

  • The issues Blue Beetle tries to portray as “Latino” in this movie regarding family aren’t just Latino. They transcend color and culture because I assure you about 40 percent of Americans living in poverty are non-Hispanic white. The trait or belief of “family” lives in all of us, and we call it human nature.

We’re No Longer Going to Waste Our Money!

After a rash of horrific excuses for superhero movies, especially when they go “woke,” we’re just not going to waste our money. Give us something worthy, and we’ll go because all you do is create bomb after bomb and tribalism when you have a racist Hispanic in Ángel Manuel Soto, an indoctrinated Latino in Xolo Maridueña, and a bigoted, white “suburban mom” mentality in Susan Sarandon. All screaming and telling the world our ills are because of white people.

  • An added bit of racism includes white bigots and racist and bigoted minorities telling Latinos we are now Latinx. More lies perpetrated as the norm in the past few years.

As a Latino, and Hispanic, who is Panamanian, and Puerto Rican, those who think as I do with truths are finally beginning to speak out. If we don’t, we are doomed as a nation, and it will be an open season with cartels, elitists in government, and terrorists, destroying a society already beginning to build a foundation on tribalism that will make us as dystopian as any movie can. Movies are a massive part of the indoctrination into our current tribalistic nature, but thankfully, we’re pushing back!


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