Colorado Supreme Court Disqualifies Trump; JUSTICE or TRAVESTY?

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Free for All
Colorado Supreme Court Disqualifies Trump; JUSTICE or TRAVESTY?

In this Free for All episode, Big John and guest Larry Sharpe discuss the recent ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court that disqualified former President Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 presidential primary ballot, citing the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

This is the first time in history that this constitutional provision has been used to bar a presidential candidate from running for office. Is this a case of justice or travesty?

Join pioneering podcaster Big John as he plots to take over the world, then leave you the Hell alone!

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0:00:00 Opening
01:10 Discussion on the Colorado Supreme Court Ruling
04:00 Implications of the Ruling
05:20 Debate on Trump’s Insurrectionist Status
06:45 Interpretation of the 14th Amendment
08:30 Legal Procedure for Disqualification
10:30 Gray Area of Trump’s Actions
15:35 Trump’s Popularity and Political Influence
18:20 Procedural Grounds for Supreme Court Ruling

19:20 Will SCOTUS overturn Colorado’s ruling on First Amendment grounds?
22:20 Political Implications of the Supreme Court Ruling
25:50 Larry Sharpe’s Personal Experience with Ballot Access
30:00 Lack of Democracy in Ballot Access
33:30 Larry Sharpe’s Experience with Ballot Access
37:50 Libertarian Response to Trump’s Lawsuit
37:45 The Slippery Slope Argument
40:50 The Culmination of Throwing Candidates Off the Ballot
44:30 Possible Infiltration of the Libertarian Party
46:25 The Weakness of the Libertarian Party’s Infrastructure
49:30 Larry Sharpe’s Return to Court

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