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California Republican Party Convention (CAGOP) 2024
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CAGOP Convention

I am back from the California Republican Party (CAGOP) convention. My first in a few years, and many familiar faces are no longer around. While old leadership remains, I did see more younger faces than ever before. That gives me hope.

It was also great to see the San Diego Young Republicans out as a visible group. I met the future:

  • A young female mayor with chutzpah, Indian farmers who’ve had enough.
  • Latinos are fed up with Democrats hiding transitioning children from them.
  • More blacks and Latinos are tired of CAGOP RINOs and are entering political races.

Sadly, none of that matters to an extent because leadership continues to be led by a token Latina who was elected not once, twice, but three times to serve her masters and not the people. For the bigots who want to call me racist, WRONG! I’m a conservative Latino, and I don’t need to be Latino to figure out why this person was selected to lead the CAGOP. She works for those above her who pay her, not the people!

Youth Emerges

It’s funny because, in our youth, we think we know everything despite the fact we barely do. The truth is that no youth has experienced the trials and tribulations of life. Yet, we all feel at that age that we do know everything.

However, we need them and need to mentor them. The relationship of always having to pay them for grunt work (walking), giving preferred treatment to a few, and other issues that don’t help the party must change. Maybe the college Republicans and other youth groups can help create a movement. In total honesty, it’s been a complete and utter failure so far, and the blame falls on both sides.

Still, the fact they’re out there willing to get involved, fight, and buck the trend of what their peers do can be inspiring and will help show them how life works – both good and bad. More importantly, they can help grow the party.

No Help for J6ers and Trump 

The ugly truth is that the CAGOP still refuses to enter the fray to stand up for Trump and his supporters – whether the farce of Trump’s court issues or the J6 debacle. However, the grassroots showed up to raise money and help J6 defendants. They’ve always been loyal Trump supporters facing attacks from both California Democrats and, yes, California Republicans. The token chair has done nothing to fight for Trump.

  • Look, people, truths are finally coming out, and this is all an attempt to take Trump and his supporters out.

CAGOP Trump Silence & Double Standard

The CAGOP has a Trump double standard – use him to raise revenue, but don’t support him through candidates on the campaign trail. That’s beyond disgraceful and disgusting, and those two words epitomize the token chair.

One reason Trump is so hated is that the other side’s working class rarely, if ever, hears anything from CAGOP candidates on the campaign trail because they’re told not to say a word.

The problem is there are always questions about him. That’s the time to show the differences between this dementia-riddled President and a successful one in Trump.

  • The final caveat is that CAGOP does nothing to spread our message in blue districts.

When you only live in an echo chamber, you never hear the other side. That’s one of the biggest reasons that’s led to this state becoming deep blue.

Change Coming… 🤣… 😭

The CAGOP and the GOP refuse to acknowledge this. Leadership hasn’t changed, but I never expected it to, with Jessica Millan Patterson leading the charge. Many in leadership remain spineless for the most part, but many now want to fight back and are willing to talk and work toward action outside the party – privately. Others want to see leadership, party leadership itself, and are frustrated that our leaders won’t do anything. Their numbers are growing.

Will they respond? Not in the immediate future, after what I saw on Sunday when issues are debated and voted on. It’s the same old elitist trope versus the working class. They’re still trying to undercut the grassroots from the ability to impact the party and its goals.

In the bigger picture, some of the moves they tried to implement and some in which they succeeded continue to keep the party from growing. You see, there’s a cabal within the CAGOP, and even those we like, including some beloved, still fall in line, despite what you see them stating on FOX News or elsewhere. The result is a fracture in the party that remains AND keeps the party from growing.

Party Dynamics: Pushing Back CAGOP Lies!

For myself, I can epitomize the mentality. At a symposium, I had enough of a young man telling the group to run for local office. He stated the usual tropes that politics are local and that the CAGOP has the tools to help us and have our backs.

  • The CAGOP having the backs of local candidates is an unadulterated lie!

I had to challenge him, and I did. You see, I’ve seen the psyches of those who believed, who ran and had their lives ripped apart by the unions during campaigns. The local party did nothing but watch, and to make things worse, they promised help but never delivered. Thanks for nothing, Jordan!

To be clear, I got nothing out of calling him out, but I wanted to ensure those listening didn’t fall for a perpetual lie the CAGOP gives individuals at these events.

For example, the CAGOP doesn’t give one dime to those running for school board. They don’t help with volunteers, and they don’t have your back. There are too many stories about this, including one campaign I saw directly as a volunteer and another as a quasi-campaign manager. My goal – simple: to force the young Republican to answer ugly truths. My question was, “Why are you saying this? It’s not true?”

He also mentioned the chair’s personal grift, the California Trailblazers candidate school. I then gave him examples of Republican traitors within the chair’s candidate training program, Trailblazers. They conveniently forget so-called Republicans that went through her training only to switch parties or go independent and betray us by voting for Democrat big government policies – think climate change. Even worse? You have to pay for it, and it’s not cheap. The truth is, it’s simply a grift to help Millan Patterson enrich herself.

At that point, I gave examples of how candidates were destroyed and finally put them on the line. In 2020 or 2022, the CAGOP only focused on congressional races – an ugly truth. The young man admitted I was 100% correct. He had no other choice. I hit him with truth combined with facts.

I felt bad for him but could no longer tolerate the lies directly to our faces! I wanted those attending the symposium to witness the truth; however ugly it may have been for the young man, it would be even worse for candidates blindly running, believing the CAGOP has their back and doesn’t.

That turned into a fumbling, bumbling response contradicting what he told us. There was no trickery involved. It was fumbling and bumbling because most either don’t know what to say or are rarely, if ever, challenged.

Doing Nothing But Taking Credit – CAGOP Way

I see nothing different from the state party. I do expect them to eventually if we win more than lose this election, take credit for it when it’s a product of the people just tired of leftists and progressive Democrats lying to them and seeing it directly affecting their lives. The national and state-level GOP has had nothing to do with the movement away from Democrats and their party.

However, I did see many there who love and have a passion for making this country great again so we, the people, can have the opportunity to live the American Dream. Look for more in-depth discussions on my political podcast, “Fired Up!”

Fired Up!

We’ll be discussing the results of the Sunday battles on Fired Up! For those who don’t realize it, what happens Sunday morning is that everyone gathers together, and the delegates begin to vote on the issues. Again, it was no different from this convention than every other one. Leadership tries to cut the grassroots off at the knees. They always get at least some of what they seek.

This convention was no different, but the battle to take grassroots conservative delegates did not succeed. Why? To any delegate, learn Robert’s Rules because knowing them keeps leadership from taking advantage of them, using them against you, and passing bad policies. In this case, the grassroots won the day because of that. We’ll discuss that and other issues on “Fired Up!”

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