The Big Questions with Big John
The Big Questions with Big John
Big Questions with Big John - Jackie Martling

The Big Questions with Big John is an interview show where our own Big John gets to have conversations with interesting people from all walks of life.

Jackie Martling, legendary head writer of the Howard Stern Show, joins Big John to talk about his career. Jackie discusses his upbringing, the state of comedy, and his departure from the Stern show. Martling also discusses the upcoming documentary “Joke Man”, which covers Jackie’s incredible career.

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00:00 Opening
02:30 Starting as a mechanical engineer
04:00 Nerds lover dirty jokes
08:00 Smiles are disarming
11:00 Jackie’s jokes are timeless and universal
13:00 If nobody gets hurt, it’s not a joke
16:00 Redd Foxx’s Dirty Dirty Jokes
18:45 The courage of stand-up comedians
25:00 Can stand-up be taught?
27:00 Jackie’s first time on stage
34:45 Comedians love when other comedians bomb
41:15 The iconic 516-922-WINE
46:00 Rick Dees loved the Joke Man
48:30 Jackie’s DIY attitude
52:30 Getting in front of Howard Stern
58:30 Putting words in Howard’s mouth
1:01:02 Why did Jackie leave the Howard Stern show?
1:05:00 Missing the camaraderie
1:09:00 The power of radio to mold reality
1:12:45 Beef with Robin Quivers?
1:15:45 Big John tries to Stump the Joke Man

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