A Thug Life: 70 Arrests for Family Advocate, Christopher Neely!

Christopher Neely

A grand jury came back with an indictment of Daniel Penny in the Jordan Neely death, but did you know Christopher Neely, the unofficial spokesman for the family and uncle of Jordan Neely, has seen 70-plus arrests?

Jordan Neely, an impersonator of Michael Jackson, saw 42 arrests for violent acts and to remind you; Jordan, made threats against subway passengers, thus forcing ex-Marine Daniel Penny to subdue him.

While Jordan passed away, his uncle carries on the “arrest” tradition as the police arrested Christopher for his own transgressions in late May. The cliché “You can’t make this stuff up!” fits perfectly.


Christopher’s leading the hate against Penny, 24, who’s accused of manslaughter in the death of Neely. Neely’s arrest was called for by protesters, most of whom are of color, and who wanted him arrested because he’s white. Not because of facts, but because he’s white. Thus, once again, validating racism is hate; it’s taught and surfaces in every culture and race.

Yet, the legacy media refuses to address it, because the truth doesn’t help the false narratives they keep portraying in this tribalism war. As an example of not reporting the truth because it refutes the false narrative, look at the “knockout game,” race hoaxes, and BLM protestors. These are three easy examples of racism and hate the media refuses to report.

Soros-Backed District Attorney Alvin Bragg Supports Racism

The Soros-backed DA Alvin Bragg agrees and is charging Penny with manslaughter, and we now know there’s an indictment by a grand jury. Legalists state this should be a slam dunk with an acquittal. However, since when does the truth matter anymore? Neely’s family sees the potential “Benjamins” in their dead relative, which none took an interest in until he died, but now realizes the potential for a huge settlement. Does that make them grifters?


Christopher Neely looks at his nephew, Jordan’s 42-arrests, and says, hold my beer! Well, maybe he says, hold my Bud Light! Despite over 70 previous arrests on his criminal record, when the police took him into custody, he had two active warrants for his arrest.

Yet, he dared to say that Daniel Penny, the good Samaritan, does not deserve a plea deal and that authorities should fully prosecute him for attempting to prevent a violent predator in his nephew Jordan from attacking anyone. In the meantime, the courts, not once, but twice, have let Mr. Neely off on his own recognizance. Talk about one-sided treatment! The police also stated they were looking for him because of a “pattern of grand larceny.”

  • His charges include criminal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, bail jumping, and unlawful possession of a weapon. Unbelievable!

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No one in the legacy media is questioning the hypocrisy, logic, or anything of the kind in the Jordan Neely case, especially the fact that Neely, already a violent man, made threats toward the good Samaritan, Penny, and others.

Where’s the media, such as the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, etc? Nowhere to be found in talking about this, convening panels to speak on it, and exposing the truth. Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative.

  • People, please realize until we conservatives, libertarians, and conservative people of color, fight back for truths and to come together, this tribalism will only worsen.


Despite his own thuggery, an emboldened Christopher Neely is taking advantage of the evils of tribalism. Equity is a term for legalized racism.

  • To placate those too cowardly or not wanting to upset their friends and admit this is racism, we’ll use the term discrimination. That’s sarcasm, people.

So-called “equity” is part of the Democratic Party strategy. Sadly, their acolytes, both white and black, with the help of legacy media, are highly successful in using this tactic to pit us against one another.

Look in the Mirror

The final caveat? We, the people, keep re-electing these political swine in every party that has brought this once-great country to its knees. The Republican Party has its own versions of authoritarian elitists. Once entrenched, they usurp the power we’ve given them and use us to enrich themselves while consolidating power.

The Democratic Plantation has been riding high since the turn of the century when they tried to steal the 2000 election via Democrat counties in Florida. All the while, the GOP continually shows itself to have no spine or will to defend the American people like Daniel Penny, who stepped in to protect his fellow Americans from a criminal. Yet nothing will change until we look in the mirror and challenge those we elect to power.

The simple truth is this: if we don’t care enough to learn what affects our lives daily, logic dictates we’re getting what we deserve.


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