Sports Grumblings ownership’s past successes are grounded in volunteerism. Volunteerism is at the heart of everything from the military to non-profits to entrepreneurial start-ups. Our vision is to achieve a world of unbiased analysis, then disseminate and report, thus, educating the masses, which can’t happen without volunteers.

Past volunteers are now working at other fantasy sports companies, sports conglomerates, and professional teams. Some who aren’t? Well, they’re still passionate and doing what they love. Grinding with the passion for helping others succeed. 

We can’t promise you the same success, but we can promise to help you improve and maximize your ability to succeed in sports or politics. Whether as a writer or podcaster. We’ll help you build the foundation you need to take the next step.

General Qualifications

  • There is a wide range of hours available e depending on volunteer availability and the needs of Sports Grumblings. 
  • To be eligible to volunteer as part of our news gathering and social media team: volunteers must be free to work shifts ranging from two to four hours in length and have a solid understanding of current events, trends, and statistics.
  • To be eligible to volunteer as part of our website, video, and podcasting team: volunteers must be able to commit to completing projects in the time assigned, be available to take instruction, and implement Sports Grumblings’ mission and vision.
  • Typing, spelling, and grammar skills and a computer with consistent internet access are required.

Select a Volunteer Opportunity

Social Media Coordinator 

  • Help maintain Sports Grumblings’ social media presence by organized collection, processing, display, competent evaluation, and dissemination of sports and political articles/stories.
  • Discover how to use digital media effectively, learn about editorial best practices, and make sense of SEO.

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Discover editorial best practices, SEO, newsgathering, and more about digital media. We expect, at a minimum, the following:

  • Using data-driven statistics and facts, not opinions, to write analytically.
  • Ability to work with an editor by accepting feedback.
  • Help promote your work and others on Facebook, Twitter, GETTR, GAB, Parler, TruthSocial, etc.

Writing Topics 

  • Fantasy Sports – Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey
  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) 
  • Sports Betting
  • Politics 
  • Entertainment and Pop Culture

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Podcasting Host Wanted 

Knowledge and expertise in the specific fantasy sport are required. DFS and sports betting expertise aren’t necessary, but a willingness to learn to facilitate knowledgeable discussions is a requirement. The eventual goal is to familiarize yourself enough to induce and talk about the topics with authority.

Wanted Now

  • Baseball Podcasters: 
    • MLB, with knowledge of collegiate and minor league players. 
    • Openings: 1 to pair with our current host.
  • Football Podcasters
  • Hockey Podcasters: 
    • NHL, with knowledge of junior, collegiate, and European league players.
    • Openings: two-booth team.
  • Basketball Podcasters

Coming Soon

  • Politics and Entertainment
    • Libertarian Viewpoint Podcast
    • Identity Politics
    • Entertainment Talk Podcast
  • Other Sports
    • Cricket Podcast
    • Soccer/ Fútbol Podcast
    • Golf Podcast 

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Podcast Producer

  • Production 
    • Podcast producers oversee the development process and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Scheduling Guests
    • Help hosts find guests. 
    • Prepare the host and guest. 
    • Help prepare interview questions and provide specific talking points.
  • Analytics and Metrics
    • Listener demographics, downloads, and listening times will be tracked by podcast producers. 
    • Reports are provided to team members by the producer.
  • Manager
    • A producer ensures all works complement one another. 
    • Supporting the host and team of a podcast requires leadership and management skills.

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SEO Analyst 

In a world where there are billions of podcasts, articles, and websites, search engine optimization is a necessary evil to succeed. Most organizations ignore SEO to their chagrin, but at, it’s one of the keys to growth, success, and dominance in a crowded industry. This is one of the most important volunteer positions to have.

  • Managing SEO content in content management systems
  • Maintain a current understanding of SEO trends
  • Optimize organic search results by conducting keyword research
  • Maintain a competitive analysis regularly
  • Analyze site structure and recommend improvements

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Video Editor 

  • An editor who edits and assembles recorded raw material into broadcast-ready products, such as capturing, editing, and producing photos and videos for internal and external use.
  • Video editing is essential to the success of Sports Grumblings, as video has become an important part of advertising, marketing, and messaging on online platforms.  Ability to edit video using Adobe products and/or other non-Adobe software. 

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WordPress Web Designer/ Coder

  • A WordPress developer to update attractive, user-friendly websites that perfectly meet Sports Grumblings’ design and functionality requirements.
  • Our team is seeking an experienced WordPress developer to assist with both back-end and front-end development and maintenance of our family of websites, as well as implementing plugins, integrating sites, and updating security. You should have an eye for aesthetics and strong content management skills.

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